I'm Patrick


I'm a Programmer


I'm a Drone Enthusiast


I'm an MIT Student


Studying Computer Science at MIT


Machine Learning

I'm really interested in exploring machine learning and data science, and I have experience developing neural networks in PyTorch and Tensorflow for research and graduate class projects. I'm capable of managing the entire machine learning pipeline, from data preprocessing to network debugging.

My primary interest lies in reinforcement learning, although I have experience applying RNN/CNN frameworks to trajectory prediction problems.

Software Infrastructure

I love working with build systems and CI/CD pipelines for automatic testing. I have set up multiple Jenkins servers, and have experience writing pipeline scripts for a variety of frameworks.

I also have experience writing unit tests, including UI tests. I enjoy working on projects that help out other developers just like me.

Autonomous Systems

I've been flying radio-controlled aircraft since age five, and have a passion for all things drones. I love working on robotics problems in both hardware and software.

I have research experience building quadcopter platforms and developing control systems for drones, tackling problems including visual odometry, SLAM, and autonomous landing. I currently hold an FAA Part 107 License and can legally fly drones for commerical use.